Yukon life

Arts and culture

The arts are a vibrant part of Yukon culture, from First Nations heritage to music, theatre, or visual arts. Take in a show, festival or get involved!

Yukon artists express themselves in every conceivable medium and material. The essence of life in the North — colourful sunsets, ice fog and fireweed glowing in the midnight sun — is echoed in artwork. Materials harvested from the land inform art-making as much as the landscape itself does. Unfettered creativity is exciting to witness and the Yukon has one of the highest proportions of artists per capita in the country. Regions all over the Yukon offer rewarding art experiences. Watch artists work, attend a festival, admire public art, take a workshop or buy art. Experience the creative process first-hand at studios that welcome visitors. 

Community Theatre and Dance Studios (Whitehorse)