What we offer

Terms of employment

Collective agreements, terms and conditions of employment

Download the terms and conditions of employment for the following employee groups. 
    • Yukon Employees' Union (YEU) employees (collective agreement) 
    • Yukon Association of Education Professionals (YAEP) employees (collective agreement) 
    • Managers, legal officers and deputy ministers 
    • Confidential employees 
    • Casual employees 
    • Contract employees 
    • Emergency fire fighters 
    • Students and job experience programs

Human resource policies 

Some policies are accompanied by guidelines, frequently asked questions, or companion documents. If you have any questions or would like to access them, email pscwebsite@gov.yk.ca or phone: 867-667-5653.

Recruitment and certification 

Employee documentation 
    • Employee documentation, oaths and personal information 
    • Security clearances

Employee development and orientation 
    • Employee orientation 
    • Learning organization 
    • Values and ethics code for government of Yukon employees
    • Underfill appointments

Health and safety 
    • Accommodating employees with disabilities 
    • Corporate health and safety 
    • Occupational health evaluations and physical abilities testing

Leave, work hours, alternative working arrangements 
    • Attendance and work breaks 
    • Discretionary leave without pay 
    • Leave for reservists 
    • Leave with pay 
    • Remote work

    • Employee housing 
    • Interview and relocation expense directive