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Housing is one of the more challenging aspects of living in or moving to the Yukon. With high-priced homes, high mortgage rates and a high-priced rental market with low vacancy rates, it's more difficult to secure good and affordable housing in the territory.

Housing for employees

The Government of Yukon does not provide housing for all employees. However, there are circumstances where housing is provided to employees to help address a lack of affordable housing options in Yukon communities which may hinder the recruitment and retention of employees.

Under our employee housing policy, an employee is eligible for housing if they:

  • are hired from outside their community of employment; 
  • are hired into a position considered critical (defined in the policy) to the delivery of a Yukon government program in a Yukon community other than Whitehorse; and
  • do not have a legal interest in a residential dwelling in the community; and
  • have no tenant arrears with the Yukon Housing Corporation or evictions by the Yukon Housing Corporation in the previous 3 years.
Things you'll want to know about renting in the Yukon
  • Most landlords will require a security deposit (this deposit is to be no more than 1-month's rent)
  • Though they're not always required by landlords, it's quite common that you'll be asked for references. Be prepared to provide 2 or 3 references.
  • Pet or fuel deposits are prohibited in the Yukon but a landlord may decide whether or not they allow pets, and restrict the size, kind and number of pets.
Moving here for a new job? 

Ask your new coworkers or human resources department if they know of rental vacancies. Word of mouth can be helpful in the Yukon when you're looking for a place to rent.

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