Yukon life

Yukon First Nations

A vital part of our history and culture

First Nations people have roots that run deep in the territory. They are the original Yukoners and today about 25% of the population is Indigenous.

The territory has 14 Yukon First Nations and 8 different traditional languages. There are also some Northwest Territories and British Columbia Indigenous groups that have traditional territory in the Yukon.

Of the 14 First Nations in Yukon, 11 signed modern treaties between 1993 and 2005 and became self-governing First Nations. These First Nations make laws and decisions on their settlement land and for their Citizens. The Final and Self-Government Agreements are an important part of the Yukon’s governance. The Government of Yukon is committed to reconciliation and works collaboratively with all Yukon First Nations to deliver programs and services to Yukoners and manage the territory’s land and resources.

A resource to learn more 

The Mapping the Way public education initiative celebrates and raises awareness about Yukon First Nation land claims and self-government.

How we support Indigenous employees
  • Indigenous employee resource group: The Indigenous Employees' Forum is an internal resource group for employees. The forum provide members opportunities to network, access a cultural support system and build relationships with Indigenous role models.  The Indigenous Employees' Forum is open to all Indigenous employees of the Yukon government and has over 425 participants.
  • Diversity and Inclusion branch: To support diversity and inclusion of under-represented groups, the Diversity and Inclusion branch provides supports to increase employment equity throughout the Government of Yukon. The branch offers several services available to the public, including:
        • résumé help;
        • interview preparation;
        • training and work experience opportunities; and
        • temporary assignments between Yukon First Nations and the Yukon government.
Training for employees
  • Yukon First Nations 101: history of Yukon First Nations and self-government: Yukon First Nations 101 educates participants about the culture and history of the First Nations Peoples of the Yukon, the cultural values shared among Yukon First Nations today and how to communicate respectfully with First Nation individuals and communities. This course has been vetted by the 14 Yukon First Nations.
  • Residential school awareness: This session opens with a brief overview of residential schools in the Yukon and introduces you to residential school Survivors and intergenerational Survivors. Through personal storytelling you'll learn about the impacts of that experience, the turning point in their lives and the healing journey they're on today.
  • Introduction to cultural safety: This 1-day, experiential workshop will introduce participants to important key concepts of cultural safety, cultural competency, cultural humility, diversity, decolonization and personal or hidden bias towards First Nations Peoples and others. This workshop incorporates First Nations values and awareness for cross-cultural mindfulness and safety in the workplace.