A geologist examining ice.

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A geologist examining ice.

Experience Yukon’s unique geology and breathtaking landscapes with opportunities to move your career forward. At the Government of Yukon’s Yukon Geological Survey, you’ll contribute to the knowledge of the Yukon’s diverse geology in a rewarding and collaborative work environment. 

What you can expect in this role:
  • Work in the Yukon’s vast outdoors and backcountry.
  • Modern tools and programs to forward your career. 
  • Working in a place voted as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers.
  • A pension, excellent benefits and job security.
What we do:

Staff at the Yukon Geological Survey contribute to the knowledge of the territory’s geology and support adaptations to climate change. We do this through mapping, monitoring, and field-based research. We also educate the public through innovative outreach programs.

Information specialists build databases and web applications to make the information publicly accessible. We also manage the Yukon Geological Survey publications, web services and social media.

Pay and benefits
Job description

The responsibilities of Geologists vary depending on their role: 

  • Plan and carry out geologic mapping, often collaborating with university colleagues and/or exploration geologists;
  • compile and interpret data, generating open-source maps, reports and data; 
  • liaise with mineral explorers to help increase exploration success; and
  • work in and around communities where climate change is impacting landforms and increasing the frequency of permafrost thaw slumps and landslides.

Geomatics experts:

  • help ensure that all the information YGS generates is available to the public in a variety of formats, such as interactive web apps, maps in digital or paper form, reports, raw data, and traditional print media; and
  • create customized databases and web applications to share information.

  • Yukon Geological Survey has a comprehensive field safety training program, and professional development opportunities such as technical short courses, field trips and conferences; and
  • the Government of Yukon offers training and funding for professional development, leadership and management development.
Recruiting process
  1. Submit your resume on an available position.
  2. Candidates may be asked to submit links to geologic reports or maps they have published in their resume.
  3. A written exercise may be issued to demonstrate GIS skills or other competencies.
  4. Interview
  5. Reference checks.
  6. Offer of employment.  
Job requirements
  • Geologists: BSc in Geoscience or higher, depending on the position.
  • Geomatics Experts: Degree or Diploma in Geographic Information Systems.
Geologist examining samples in the library.
A day in the life:

Your summer fieldwork is over and now you’re looking forward to joining your co-workers in the Yukon Geological Survey office. There you’ll swap stories of fieldwork adventures, the best rock finds and your biggest scientific revelations.

The summer was full of stunning views and geoscientific research. Traversing over ridges and through valleys on a sunny day is hard to beat. But now you’re ready to collaborate with other staff, work with GIS and graphics software and write about your findings. Your job has a great mix of physical and intellectual work.

One of the key parts of your job is to grow the knowledge of the Yukon’s diverse geology. You'll be advancing the science of Geology while you develop your career. The discoveries and innovations your team makes are shared publicly through open-source data. You’re encouraged to share your work thought the internet, social media and scientific conferences. The Yukon Geological Survey’s scientific approach is rigorous and allows you to collaborate with researchers from other geological surveys and academia.


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