Park officer at Five Finger Rapids.

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Park officer

Park officer at Five Finger Rapids.

As a park officer, you’ll support our vision and values through providing compliance, monitoring and enforcement of natural resource legislation in the Yukon's Parks. Our park officers are our ambassadors, supporting natural resource protection through education and compliance while ensuring the Yukon's parks and campgrounds remain safe and welcoming spaces that provide a positive visitor experience. 

What you can expect in this role
  • An exciting opportunity to work outdoors in the Yukon’s natural beauty;
  • A dynamic, diverse and rewarding work day and work place – every day is different;
  • To work independently while contributing to a tight knit team;
  • working in a place voted as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers.
  • Develop effective communications, problem-solving, professional writing; and
  • Gain experience as a professional and uniformed officer working in the field of natural resource protection 
What we do

This role is responsible for compliance, monitoring and enforcement of natural resource legislation in the Yukon's Parks and the territory. Conducting front and backcountry patrols, this position has significant interactions with park visitors in both a compliance and an education capacity.

Pay and Benefits
  • Hourly rate ranging from $39.67-$45.95; and
  • see this page for benefits and leave information.
Job Description
  • provides public safety and natural resource protection;
  • interprets, applies and enforces the provisions of associated acts and regulations relating to parks and natural resource management;
  • responds to and resolves public complaints, conflicts and occurrences;
  • delivers information and educational materials to the public; 
  • conduct investigations; 
  • completes the reports and documents, serves legal notices and as required, and testifies in territorial court;
  • navigates and participates in safety planning and conducts backcountry patrols and natural resource field monitoring programs; and
  • site command during site emergencies in territorial parks and campgrounds.

Park officers complete annual spring training (three weeks) comprising of:
•    park officer compliance and enforcement training, including Incident Management Intervention Model (IMIM);
•    legislations and operational policies and protocols;
•    public safety and conflict resolution;
•    wildlife management; and
•    Yukon parks overview.

In this role, you can also expect to have ongoing training and review throughout the six-month season, including specific Government of Yukon training such as First Nations 101, Verbal Judo, Incident Command System and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). Employees can also identify areas of interest for their own development and opportunities will be made available as possible.

Recruiting Process
  1. Resume review
  2. Written assignment
  3. Interview
  4. Reference checks
  5. Offer of employment and security clearance
Job Requirements

•    a foundation in natural resource law; 
•    field experience in a related enforcement and compliance role; 
•    experience working closely with clients (including non-compliant); and 
•    familiarity working in remote, or backcountry locations.

Yukon Parks

Yukon parks protected area management consists of 57 territorial parks, including of parks and campgrounds. Services include protected area management, recreational front country and backcountry camping use.

Park officers on canoe.

Park system management and services include operational support, conservation, protection and recreation design and implantation along with new park establishment and ongoing management of parks. Another aspect to this work includes advancing reconciliation through engagement and collaboration with Yukon First Nations and Transboundary Indigenous governments and groups, and Final Agreement implementation.

Parks are a big part of the Yukon's economy through tourism, recreation, local employment and entrepreneurship. Parks are essential to the Yukon's wilderness tourism industry, which includes over 100 licenced wilderness tourism operators.

Career development opportunities include park officer/ranger, park attendant, maintenance team, park planning unit and parks workshops.


For more information on this role, contact the Park Officer Program Supervisor at (867)-456-3979

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