A registered midwife ready to greet a client.

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Registered midwife

A registered midwife ready to greet a client.

Registered midwives (RMs) are primary health care providers who have the authority to practice autonomously and provide Yukoners with comprehensive prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum and neonatal health care including health assessments, diagnosis, orders, intervention and follow-up care.  

The model of midwifery care in the Yukon is centred on a group practice of autonomous registered midwives who will work as employees at the Department of Health and Social Services.  

What to expect in this role:
  • a balanced on-call schedule that prioritizes a work-life balance for all team members;  
  • a full benefits package and a pension plan;
  • a variety of leave options and many training and career development opportunities; 
  • working in a place voted as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers; and  
  • all clinic management and expenses are covered by the Yukon government, including medical office assistant support. 
What we do:

The overall goal of the Yukon Midwifery Program is to create access to safe, sustainable and person-centred midwifery care while providing care that addresses the social determinants of health. RMs will ensure consistent and high-quality, culturally safe, relationship-based midwifery services that contribute to the achievement of optimal maternal and child health outcomes for pregnant Yukoners in their care.

The new Yukon Midwifery Program will offer integrated midwifery services in line with the Canadian model of midwifery care. For the first time, Yukoners will have access to fully funded midwifery care – including choice of birthplace with a RM in home or hospital. RMs will be privileged and fully integrated at the Whitehorse General Hospital. 

Pay and benefits
Job description
  • provides comprehensive autonomous primary health care for individuals in pregnancy, labour and birth and the postpartum period, including newborns up to eight weeks;
  • orders, performs, diagnoses and manages focused or comprehensive health assessments (including history, physical examination, diagnostic testing), prescribes necessary medications and communicates with clients about health assessment findings;  
  • manages labour and delivery on own accord in hospital or out of hospital environments as most responsible care provider (MRP);  
  • provides leadership and guidance to obstetric team, and manages emergency care, transport and coordination;
  • manages pregnancy loss including miscarriage and fetal demise/stillbirth and provides appropriate medical care, counseling and referrals;  
  • participates in the planning, research and development of midwifery policies, practice protocols and operations;
  • performs, orders and supports primary and secondary prevention activities (e.g., health counselling, education and screening);  
  • provides interdisciplinary clinical care coordination for any client referred for a consult while maintaining continuity of care with the midwifery team; and
  • delivers training and professional development courses for other professionals including EMS and first responders, nursing, mental wellness and physicians.
  • The classification and salary range for this position is currently under review. 

To broaden interests and deepen learning, registered midwives can also access Yukon government provided training on topics such as wellness and resiliency, communication and collaboration skills, leadership, reconciliation and First Nations topics, and health and safety. Yukon government employees can also access free French language classes from beginner to advanced levels.  

Integrated Health Services also provides annual training opportunities for staff on clinically relevant topics such as trauma informed care, interprofessional communication, motivational interviewing and others identified by staff members. Registered Midwives can also access training and simulation opportunities through the Yukon Hospital Corporation.

For those who may be interested in growth opportunities, there are many opportunities for leadership training. 

Recruiting process
  1. Resume review
  2. Written assignment
  3. Interview
  4. Second interview
  5. Reference checks
  6. Conditional offer of employment  
  7. Application for Yukon licensing
  8. Application for Yukon Hospital Corporation privileges 
Job requirements
  • Bachelor's degree in midwifery or assessment through a prior learning experience assessment (PLEA) program, or an internationally educated midwifery bridging program (IEMBP) within a Canadian province;
  • recently applied knowledge of evidence-based midwifery theory, practices, techniques and risk management acquired through work experience as a registered midwife;
  • current registration in good standing as a registered midwife with a Canadian regulatory authority; and
  • demonstrated ability to meet Yukon midwifery licensing requirements. 
Integrated Health Services

Integrated Health Services (IHS) uses inclusive and collaborative interdisciplinary approaches to provide person-centred health and wellness services. IHS develops and maintains partnerships that enable equitable access to high-quality, evidence-based and integrated services that promote, protect and improve people’s health and wellness.  


For more information about this role, contact Kayla.Gagnon@yukon.ca 

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