Centralized Recruitment and Certification process for applicants

The Centralized recruitment and certification process supports a streamlined and consistent, whole of government approach to recruitment and selection for various standardized positions. Examples include IT Support Technician, Human Resource Consultant, Administrative Assistant and others. By creating a Candidate Registry of pre-certified applicants  who have already been evaluated this shortens the amount of time it takes for departments to staff a position. The process is detailed below:


1. Apply: Candidates apply on centralized recruitment and certification (CRC) intake requisition via Yukon.ca with an E-recruitment account.  

Screened IN – Candidates have demonstrated the 
essential qualifications on their resume. Candidates 
move to the next stage.
Screened OUT – Candidates have not demonstrated 
the essential qualifications in their resume. Candidates 
do not move on to the next stage. Feedback can be 
provided upon request. 


2. Written assessment: Candidates complete a written test. 

Pass – Candidates who demonstrate the technical skills required move to the next stage. Feedback can be provided upon request.  Screened OUT – Candidates have not met the minimum requirements and do not move on to the next stage. Feedback can be provided upon request.  


3. Interview: Candidates are invited to an oral interview. 

PRE-CERTIFIED – Candidates are notified by email. Interview feedback can be provided upon request.  NOT CERTIFIED – Interview feedback can be provided upon request. Should a candidate wish to reapply in future, repeat step 1.  


4. Candidate registry: Pre-certified candidates are added to the registry. 

REGISTRY – Pre-certified candidates will be notified via email of available CRC opportunities. If pre-certified candidates are interested in the opportunity, they tailor their resume to highlight the essential qualifications listed on the posting. After applying the hiring department will review all applications, conduct screening and further assessments if needed; however, a best fit interview is mandatory. References will be requested if identified as the top ranked candidate. 


5. Candidate registry: Remain Active or Expired 

Pre-certified candidates are active on the registry for 1 year (ex: if a candidate certifies in June 2022, they will expire June 2023). An email notification is sent when the candidate’s expiration date approaches. It is the candidate’s responsibility to reapply to the current intake requisition before they expire. A questionnaire will give candidates the opportunity to indicate whether they wish to remain at their current level of certification, try for a higher level of certification or if they have expired and wish to be added back on the registry. 

For more information about the centralized recruitment and certification process please contact centralizedrecruitment@yukon.ca

For assistance on how to apply through E-recruitment system please contact Erecruitment.clientsupport@yukon.ca